Teaser Progressions Workshop

Instructor showing pilates students how to perform a teaser during a workshop

Explore the various building blocks for the quintessential Pilates exercise “The Teaser”. Learn what movement concepts are necessary to execute this challenging move with success! Counterbalance movements will be included. This workshop will help you master your Teaser on all pieces of classical equipment.
September 29th, 2018 2.30-4.30 pm
The Pilates Center of Rockville
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Pilates Workshop Topics

Pilates  teacher presenting during a Pilates Anatomy Workshop

Teaching Pilates with a Living Anatomy & Kinesiology approach

Going beyond the biomechanical model of movement.

Dynamic Cuing

How to Partner with your Clients in their Movement Experience

Advanced Pilates workshop

Spotting Advanced Clients

How to take your clients safely into pinnacle Pilates exercises.

Pilates instructor cueing proper shoulder placement during a pilates teacher workshop

“Oh those shoulders!!”

How to cue bone placement and organization of the shoulder girdle.

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