Pilates Workshop Topics:

Teaser Progressions Workshop

Instructor showing pilates students how to perform a teaser during a workshop

Explore the various building blocks for the quintessential Pilates exercise “The Teaser”. Learn what movement concepts are necessary to execute this challenging move with success! Counter-balance movements will be included. This workshop will help you master your Teaser on all pieces of classical equipment.

Pilates teacher presenting during a Pilates Anatomy Workshop

Teaching Pilates with a Living Anatomy & Kinesiology Approach

Going beyond the biomechanical model of movement, in this workshop we learn how the concept of Biotensegrity (coined by Buckminster Fuller) applies to Pilates movements.  The blueprint for 21st anatomy and kinesiology goes beyond seeing the body as a machine with pieces and parts, beyond thinking about our joints as separate from the whole.  The background philosophy of Biotensegrity enriches your ability to ask for more from your client’s movement experience.  We also look at the 3-D relationships between different parts of the body; the foot to hip, the legs to spine,  the axial skeleton to the appendicular skeleton.  By focusing on the relationships in the body, movement becomes an experience of oppositional efforts, of hovering and anchoring, and the client discovers “effort with ease”.

Dynamic Cuing

How to Partner with your Clients in their Movement Experience.  Have you ever noticed how an orchestra conductor is seamlessly integrated with their musicians?  You too can be that synchronized with your client. This workshop will teach you to use your inflection, rhythmic cuing, and your own body dynamics to partner with your client as they are moving and working out.  You will learn how to bring energy and intensity to your teaching- and your clients will just want more, more more!

Advanced Pilates workshop

Spotting Advanced Clients

How to take your clients safely into pinnacle Pilates exercises.  Advanced movements have extreme joint actions.  This is tough to teach!  This workshop goes over how to organize yourself while spotting, how to anticipate and evaluate your client’s movements to see where you need to support them best and when.  The devil is in the details!

Pilates instructor cueing proper shoulder placement during a pilates teacher workshop

“Oh those shoulders!!”

How to cue bone placement and organization of the shoulder girdle.  The living, breathing, moving body is very fluid and dynamic.  We see this the most in the shoulder girdle, where range of motion is greatest, and most of our clients don’t understand how to stabilize in the shoulder girdle.  In this workshop we go over scapular relationships to the rib cage, to the collar bone, and the humerus in various movement scenarios, getting a better understanding of how to both stabilize and mobilize the shoulder properly, injury free, and access the power of the upper body.

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