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Welcome to Insight Pilates! Where you can learn the art of teaching movement.  Insight Pilates is your source for Pilates Teacher Training, Pilates workshops, and coaching for Pilates instructors and enthusiasts. Mariah Sotelino, Owner and Educational Director of Insight Pilates is a PMA certified Pilates Instructor with almost 20 years of teaching experience. Mariah has over 1500 hours of training in three different Pilates programs, including a Teacher Trainer certification. Read more about Mariah’s background in Pilates here.

Insight Pilates is focused on providing you with a rich knowledge of how to teach and how to efficiently practice the Pilates method. Insight Pilates goes beyond teaching choreography by teaching living anatomy/kinesiology and how to become a movement coach. Insight Pilates recognizes that practicing Pilates energizes your body/mind/spirit and doesn’t subscribe to the “no-pain no-gain” workout attitude. Insight Pilates teaches you to embody your own body and become functionally fit. If you are interested in learning how to teach – not just what to teach, Insight Pilates can help you become a phenomenal teacher.


Mariah P. Sotelino,
Owner & Educational Director, Insight Pilates
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: (571)-766-8749

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Epic Pilates Studio

epic pilates studio

6878 Fleetwood Road, Suite A
McLean, VA 22101
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